Trapped in an office

I’ve had no time to blog for a couple of weeks. I see nobody on Twitter has noticed. Social media does not love you, it only notices you when you perform. I guess I’ll have to get my love elsewhere….

Partly I have been too busy to blog, except for the two days of annual leave when I was having fun. More specifically, I have been trapped in the office being busy, which is the worst sort of busy. WHY AM I DOING THIS JOB IF I CAN’T GO OUT AND LOOK AT TREES???!!

Excuse the caps lock. Working in an office has always been bad for my mental health.

The trees just outside the office window are all I have seen for the last week. Interestingly one of them appears to have a crack in the stem, but I’ve not had time to go out and check. Besides, it’s a nice tree, I don’t really want to have to condemn it.  Sometimes it seems best not to go looking for problems. There are always lots of them, and most of them will incur some sort of office admin…